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The Rara Avis Foundation: Initiating Change Through Education

By Lili Niemann | Jul 17, 2020 |
School children reading a book in the school library.

The Rara Avis Foundation connects those in need with those who are in a position to uplift and specifically focuses on youth who show potential and a willingness to succeed.

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Award-Winning Educational Entrepreneur Lili Niemann on Success and The Power of Intention

By Lili Niemann | Jun 12, 2020 |

as shared with Shift ONE digital Lili Bouwer Niemann is an international award-winning entrepreneur who is passionate about inspiring people, education, impacting lives, being an entrepreneur and an agent of change. Lili Niemann started her business in 1994 at the age of 37, while lecturing at University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) and conducting research for…

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